Plastics separation

Separation of plastics composites by type

As experts in the field of plastics separation, we are able to separate composites and mixed plastics by type using innovative separation technologies. Both plastic-plastic and plastic-metal composites can therefore be separated according to type, free of foreign matter and dust, and fed into the plastics recycling system.

Repair of mixing damage in silos

We have no problem dealing with so-called mixing damage (incorrect filling/emptying of silos (insurance claims) and other incorrect or mixed batches.

Mixing damage occurs when a silo is incorrectly filled or emptied. This leads to a mixing of individual plastics and can become an insured event. MC Recycling Services is at your side here as an expert in plastics separation. The plastic composites are separated according to type and fed into the plastics recycling system.

How we separate plastics for you

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